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North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement

Secure Our Border-Enforce Our Laws!  

"In the first place, we should insist that, if the immigrant, who comes here in good faith, becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet, an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

President Theodore Roosevelt-1907




UPDATE: June 9, 2015 

H328- Illegal alien driver's license bill


As you may or may not know, the NC House Finance Committee passed H328 (Licenses for Illegals) bill on Tuesday morning, June 9th.


The next step is for a full vote on the House floor. 


The House floor vote could come at any time; tomorrow, in two days or next week- with very little notice!
These are the Dirty Dozen GOP lawmakers who worked with and voted with all the Democrats to pass this bill in committee. Contact them and let them know how you feel about it:

Harry Warren            919-733-5784
Brian Brown             919-733-5757
Jeff Collins            919-733-5802
Jonathan Jordan         919-733-7727
Nelson Dollar           919-715-0795
Larry Yarborough        919-715-0850
Paul "Skip" Stam        919-733-2962
Bob Steinberg           919-733-0010
Susan Martin            919-715-3023
Jay Adams               919-733-5988
We have one more chance to stop this bad bill before it is approved and sent to the NC Senate.

Please take two minutes and contact Speaker Moore using the talking points below (or your own message) at

Speaker Moore,

Rather than provide licenses to illegal aliens, we need to substantially increase penalties for driving without a license and enforce the law. 

Please use your position and influence to stop H328 on the House Floor.
The NC Civitas May, 2015 poll shows 76% of all North Carolina voters oppose driving privileges for illegal immigrants. 

Granting Driver's Licenses to Illegal Aliens Poses National Security Risks. Unlike legal immigrants, illegal aliens are not subject to any background checks or face-to-face interviews to determine the existence of any national security threat that they might pose. HB 328 helps these national security threats to assimilate into our communities.

Granting Driver's Licenses to Illegal Aliens Encourages More Illegal Immigration. A driver's license is a state benefit. Providing public benefits to illegal aliens only rewards illegal behavior and invites further illegal immigration. Illegal immigration results in higher costs of living, reduced job availability, lower wages, higher crime rates, fiscal hardship on hospitals and substandard quality of care for residents. It also adds burdens on public services increasing their costs and diminishing their availability.

Granting Driver's Licenses to Illegal Aliens Does Not Mean Safer Roads or More Insured Drivers. Granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens in no way guarantees safer roads or that illegal aliens will purchase auto insurance. New Mexico, who grants driver's licenses to illegal aliens, is also home to the nation's second highest percentage of uninsured drivers. There is no reason to think that illegal aliens, having disregarded so many other laws, would obey this one, nor have the cash available or incentive to acquire auto insurance.


Who represents me and how do I contact them?

1) To find out who represents you, use this link and follow the instructions:

2) If you already know who represents you, use these links:

N.C. House members:

N.C. Senate members:



Who We Are  

We are a statewide grassroots organization that is dedicated to immigration enforcement. Our organization represents the citizens’ interest in stopping the flood of illegal aliens into North Carolina. We simply can't afford illegal aliens' tremendous costs any longer. The damage incurred, the crimes, costs and physical and emotional damage these people are causing, are just too great

We also seek to educate our citizens to the many costly and destructive aspects of illegal immigrant crime. The crimes we document in our monthly crime reports include some of the most heinous crimes imaginable.

(The sad thing about it is, every one of them is 100% preventable if our N.C. Legislators would simply enact and enforce, state level illegal immigration laws.)


What We Believe

We support limiting our jobs and resources to the citizens of North Carolina and we believe that it is time for our Legislators to adhere to their oath of office, “to support the Constitution of the United States; and to be faithful and bear true allegiance to the State of North Carolina” by passing the appropriate legislation to curtail the influx of illegal aliens into our state.

Our Position Statement

1) Mandate English as the official language of N.C.

2) Require a valid photo I.D. to vote. 

3) Require all companies (public and private) doing business in N.C. to become E-Verify compliant. 

4) Mandate stricter punishments and stiffer penalties for hiring illegal aliens in N.C.

5) Enact a N.C. version of Arizona's SB1070 law to document proof of legal entry and the right to be within N.C. borders.

6) Deny enrollment of illegal aliens to N.C. colleges and universities. 

7) Eliminate taxpayer funding to N.C. colleges and universities that allow illegal aliens to enroll.

8) Restrict foreign consulate services to consulate property only.

9) Remove the Mexican Matricula Consular I.D. card as proof of residency from N.C. driver’s license documentation requirements. 

10) Deny use of the Mexican Matricula Consular I.D. card as any proof of identification.

11) Prohibit the use of all foreign I.D. cards for any taxpayer funded services or civic activities.

12) Deny taxpayer funding to any N.C. municipality, town, city or county that supports sanctuary policies for illegal aliens.

13) Require proof of citizenship and residency for all N.C. social welfare eligibility.

14) Cut taxpayer funding to all non-profit organizations in N.C. that provide assistance and/or benefits to illegal aliens.

15) End taxpayer funding of all N.C. ethnic councils.

16) Tighten N.C. vehicle laws by impounding cars driven by unlicensed and uninsured drivers.

17) Restrict the registration of motor vehicles in N.C. to legal N.C. residents only. 

What We Do

We periodically send out "Action Alerts." These are items that need immediate attention. It may be calling, emailing or faxing your Congressman, signing a petition, attending a rally or to notify you of an upcoming Bill to be voted on in the NCGA.  

The member contact list is divided up into sections according to their N.C. postal zip code. Information can be sent to specific areas of N.C. according to that zip code. This way, important information can be distributed regionally and action can be taken very quickly. 

 How To Join

(It costs you nothing!)

Simply scroll down to the "Subscribe to our mailing list" section below. Enter your e-mail address and zip code. You can also enter your first and last names if you choose but it is not required; then click "Subscribe". You will be sent a confirmation email that you signed up. Simply click on the link in the email to confirm the request. That's it!

You will be joining 40,000 to 50,000 fellow North Carolinians in the effort to enforce immigration laws in our state. With numbers like that, you can indeed make a difference!



_______________________Current NCFIRE Projects_____________________  


N.C. Sanctuary Cities List:                                                                                                        Sanctuary Cities



Monthly Crime Reports


Monthly Crime Report Archives (Jan. 2009 - May 2014)                                                                    Archives


Monthly Child Rape Cases by Confirmed/Suspected Illegal Aliens

1. November 2013                  87 individuals                          277 charges                                             Child Rapes

2. December 2013                  89 individuals                          575 charges                                             Child Rapes

3. January 2014                      52 individuals                          200 charges                                             Child Rapes

4. February 2014                    36 individuals                          200 charges                                             Child Rapes

5. March 2014                        83 individuals                          366 charges                                             Child Rapes

6. April 2014                           99 individuals                          672 charges                                             Child Rapes

7. May 2014                            73 individuals                          299 charges                                             Child Rapes

8. June 2014                           48 individuals                          184 charges                                             Child Rapes

9. July 2014                            74 individuals                          295 charges                                             Child Rapes

10. August 2014                     78 individuals                          418 charges                                             Child Rapes

11. September 2014               77 individuals                          447 charges                                             Child Rapes

12. October 2014                   73 individuals                          384 charges                                             Child Rapes

13. November 2014                (info unavailable) 

14. Dec. 2014                          59 individuals                          230 charges                                            Child Rapes

15. Jan. 2015                           94 individuals                          518 charges                                            Child Rapes

16. Feb. 2015                          81 individuals                           405 charges                                           Child Rapes

17. March 2015                      67 individuals                            205 charges                                           Child Rapes


N.C. Victims Killed by Illegal Aliens

1. North Carolina Victims Memorial Page                                                                                              NC Victims list       Poster 1   Poster 2

2. North Carolina Veterans Killed by Illegal Aliens                                                                               NC Veterans


____________________Things You Can Do To Help___________________

The N.C. General Assembly put the burden of reporting illegal alien employers squarely on the shoulders of North Carolina citizens. 

It is up to you to report illegal alien employers! You can do that by using the forms below:


1. Report employers of illegal aliens to the N.C. Dept of Labor:                                                   on line form

2. Report employers of illegal aliens to the I.R.S and get a REWARD! (anonymously):             Form3949A         Form 211

3. Report illegal aliens or their employers to I.C.E. (on-line):                                                        Tip Form

4. Mail these warning letters to N.C. employers of illegal aliens (anonymously):                         Letter 1                Letter 2 

5. Download copies our NCFIRE brochure to give to your family and friends:                             Brochure 


____________________Illegal Immigration Facts___________________


1. The Costs of Illegal Immigration to North Carolina Citizens                                                      NC Costs of Illegal Immigration

2. NC Ranked #1 with the Fastest Growing Immigrant Population                                                 NC Ranking

3. State Costs of Illegal Immigration Nationwide                                                                             State Costs

4. Facts About Diseases and Illegal Aliens:                                                                                     1) Dr. William Campbell Douglass II

                                                                                                                                                             2) Dr. Madeline Cosman



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